When choosing an in-home care provider, it’s important to ask certain questions to insure the company you are working with is qualified. In most cases, Caregivers spend extensive time with their clients, so having someone the client and Caregiver can trust is important. Below is a list of questions you should typically consider when choosing a provider:

How does Home Care Associates select its caregivers?

All applicants are drug screened, background checked, and are subjected to three reference checks. Caregivers range in age, experience, sex and race. All caregivers are thoroughly questioned during interviewing, and our Care Manager focuses heavily on learning the personalities of each caregiver and clients to ensure the best possible match.

Is Home Care Associates licensed, insured and bonded? Are your caregivers licensed?

Home Care Associates is licensed (as applicable), insured and bonded. We have taken the necessary precautions to protect the liability of our clients. Since our caregivers range in experience, some of them are licensed, while some of them are experts in their field due to their years of hands-on experience.

Do I have to sign a contract? Do I have to commit to a certain amount of hours of service?

We do ask you to sign a non-binding agreement, not tying you into any service minimum or length of time, but to ensure you that our company is agreeing to provide a service. Our agreement also discusses care and pricing options, and is a statement of agreement between both of us.

Why should I use an agency, such as Home Care Associates, when I can hire a family friend?

Using an agency, such as Home Care Associates guarantees that anyone working in your home is insured and bonded. It also ensures that if a caregiver needs time off, or has a family emergency, another caregiver can work in their place. Not having someone for back up can leave you, and the client, in a bind. It’s also important to use an agency when filing claims for long-term care insurance.

How quickly can I start services?

Typically, most service requests can be filled within two (2) hours. We do ask for as much advanced notice as possible to make sure the necessary paperwork and assessment is done prior to sending out our Caregivers. We also like to meet our clients prior to starting services with them to ensure we match them with the perfect Caregiver.

What are the payment options?

Home Care Associates accepts long-term care insurance, Workers’ Compensation, VA Aid and Attendance benefits, and private pay. We assist you in establishing insurance claims, as well as applying for VA benefits. Services may be provided at no out of pocket expense to you!

Can I meet my Caregiver in advance?

With enough notice before staffing a shift, you can request to meet your potential Caregiver prior to service. In last minute situations, this option may not be available.

Are your Caregivers’ employees of Home Care Associates, or are they independent contractors?

We hire our Caregivers directly, and offer them insurance, and a variety of employment benefits. Home Care Associates pays all required federal and state taxes as well as employer Social Security taxes.

How can I trust Home Care Associates with the care of my loved one?

Home Care Associates strives to be the leading provider of in-home care services. We spend ample time getting to know each clients and Caregivers. Home Care Associates is a privately held company, which means it is not a rigid franchise. We offer options that may not be available with other providers.

If you have additional questions, or would like to find out about services available in your area. please contact us