Is Home Care Right for Your Loved One?

“When the world is weighing you down with options, remember that oftentimes, the answers are simpler and much closer than they seem.”

Deciding on the best way to care for your aging loved one is easier said than done because the decision you make will impact the happiness and well-being of your relative. While there are different options available to you, our team at Home Care Associates encourages you to look deeper into in-home care services.

In-home care is the only option that allows your loved one to remain in a place they love while still receiving the help they need. By choosing this path, both you and your loved one can have peace of mind.

To help you make an informed choice, we have gathered some of the different factors you should consider before deciding if home care is the best option for your loved one. If you say “yes” to more than one of the following questions, in-home care may be the perfect fit for your loved one.

Is Your Loved One More Forgetful?

As your relative ages, it is not uncommon for them to become a little bit more forgetful. But if your loved one is beginning to forget things more than usual, it can become dangerous for themselves and others if your loved one is left alone. There are common signs that your loved one may be experiencing increased forgetfulness.

Do they:

Miss essential medications?

Leave appliances on?

Misplace items?

Get lost while running errands?

If someone you love is beginning to experience these signs regularly, it may be time to look into a long-term care program that can keep them safe and give them the help they need.

Is Your Loved One Struggling to Perform Day-to-Day Activities?

You may notice that your loved one is struggling to perform daily activities. For example, they may have trouble doing their laundry, cleaning their home, cooking, or even taking care of personal grooming such as bathing, brushing their teeth, and maintaining their appearance. Not being able to carry out these simple activities may be a sign that your loved one needs help.

Does Your Loved One Desire an Independent Life?

After taking care of themselves for many years, it is normal for your loved one to desire independence. The ability to choose how we spend our days has a much more significant effect on our happiness than we realize. Ensuring that your loved one still has their freedom is vital to their emotional health.


Step On the Right Path with Home Care Associates

You are already moving in the right direction by researching information to determine what type of care is right for your loved one. And if you’ve decided that in-home care is the best fit, take the next step by trusting Home Care Associates to care for them. Our team continuously focuses on the well-being of our clients. So, we will do our best to make this transition as easy as possible for your family.

If you live in or around Birmingham or Mobile, AL, and are looking to hire an in-home caregiver, give us a call today at (205) 206-9594.

* Poem by Hannah LaFleur