Long-Term Care Insurance Can Pay for Home Care

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Many of our clients ask if their long-term care insurance will cover the cost of home care services.  The answer is usually “yes”, but we will cover the different scenarios in this article.  It is always best to allow us to consult with your insurer to determine coverage eligibility.

Most people buy long-term care insurance and forget about it, until they are ready to use Home Care and long term care insurance.  It is often purchased through an agent or the workplace, and has a typical daily minimum benefit of $50.00.  Maximum benefits may be as high as $600 per day, but it is all dictated by your specific policy.  It is also common to have policies with values that increase over the years to keep-up with the rising costs of healthcare.

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Elimination Period

Long-term care policies almost universally have an elimination benefit which ranges from 30 to 100 days.  This period requires the insured to cover all costs associated with their care.  Some elimination periods are based on the time frame from beginning of care to end, while others define the period as days serviced by the home care provider.  It is crucial to begin claims and submit invoices and task reports as soon as possible upon needing care.  Occasionally, policies may only cover certain types of care (assisted livings, nursing homes, etc.), but this is rare.

Once the elimination period is exhausted, the insurance company will reimburse the policy holder for the max expenses incurred.  Your home care provider should establish the claim and file all applicable invoices and task reports on your behalf.  This is a common service offer by quality companies.

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