Home Care: What to Expect

Finding the right home care company is very challenging, particularly when a loved one is struggling with an illness and the choice is need driven.  Making that first call to companies you do not know is intimidating (and sometimes frustrating).  Unlike most things in life, our clients and their families rarely know what to ask when calling to establish service.  As a provider, it is our job to offer guidance and information so everyone gets “safely somewhere”, even if it is not with Home Care Associates.

Everything begins with the initial contact, which is often via phone.  Our goal is to answer every call within two rings, and have the right person receive that call from the first moment.  What’s worse than getting transferred and placed on hold when you simply need someone to listen to you?  Home care is a service provided to seniors in need, so being a sounding board for all callers is what we do!

Once we answer that call, our staff begins gathering information.  We want to know what the motivation was for your call today.   We ask open-ended questions to encourage free and honest dialogue.  It is crucial that we understand the entire picture of the prospective client so we can match skill sets and personalities (the secret to success in our industry).  We may ask about family dynamics, hobbies, careers, etc.  Consider this: Our team doesn’t know anything when you call, so we are trying to get an understanding of a day in the life of your loved one.  This is the first step in building rapport. 

Once we all think enough information is conveyed, the next step is scheduling an in-person meeting.  This allows all of us to meet and get to know each other.  Having a level of comfort and trust means better care for our clients.

Next up… What to expect at the assessment