Home Care Services Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic


We are coming upon the end of a year that has presented many challenges for everyone. Countless plans had to be changed along with adjusting policies and implementing new precautions in order to protect individuals and communities from the COVID-19 virus. Home Care Associates saw the necessary steps that needed to be taken and began working on them right away to ensure the health and safety of both our clients and our team members.

Our company knew that we would eventually be approached with COVID positive clients, and we wanted to be prepared to take care of these clients without hesitation. Home Care Associates is proud to say that we have successfully put procedures in place to properly care for these individuals.

Caring for COVID Positive Patients 

Since the beginning of our company, we have always required our caretakers and team members to be fully trained to work with clients in their homes while following proper safety protocol. This year, with the newly presented challenges introduced by the COVID-19 virus, Home Care Associates revisited each of the already existing procedures and revised them to make certain that the CDC’s guidelines for stopping the spread of the virus were implemented.

Every member of our team receives specialized training detailing the proper safety practices that must be used when coming into contact with other individuals, especially our clients. Our caretakers wear full personal protective equipment, utilize proper handwashing practices and hand sanitizer use, and disinfect all surfaces and equipment. Our priority is to keep you and your loved ones safe while continuing to provide them with the care they need.

Home Care Services You Can Depend On

Here at Home Care Associates, each client that we serve truly becomes a part of our family. We guarantee that we will be there to care for your loved ones in both the good times and the bad while keeping them fully protected. As one of the only home care companies in the area accepting COVID positive patients, we ensure that your loved ones aren’t left behind during their time of need.

If you or a loved one are looking for in-home care services in the Birmingham or Mobile areas, the team at Home Care Associates can help! To learn more about how Home Care Associates can assist you or someone you love amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, call us at (205) 206-9594.