Home Care Associates offers a wide range of in-home companionship care for you or your loved one. Our companionship services allow our team to offer non-medical services to the older adults that we work with.

Companionship care differs from personal care in that personal care aides provide additional help with tasks such as bathing, dressing, and medication management, depending on specific state regulations. The goal of companionship care is primarily emotional support and socialization, although companions may help older adults with a variety of tasks, including:

Companionship and Conversation
Monitor Diet and Eating
Assistance with Walking and Mobility
Dressing Monitoring (includes clothing selection assistance)
Supervise Home Maintenance and Arrange lists
Mail Bills and Letters

Enjoy Every Moment

At Home Care Associates, our companionship services provide a variety of benefits that make life more manageable for older adults. Companionship itself, however, is perhaps the most important benefit, particularly for seniors who live alone and find it difficult to get out of the house. 

Let Home Care Associates be the companion to care for you in times of need.